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Well, to be fair, I will talk strategy with my teammate and single out weaker players as needed, as I do want to help my team win its tennis league matches.

What I will NOT do is ignore the other team or give them the "cold shoulder" treatment. I will be friendly with them and engage in good conversation between points and before / after the match.

Hopefully, they will be like-minded and reciprocate and be just as friendly towards me. As some have mentioned, it might lead to some non-league friendly tennis games down the road.

Originally Posted by buruan View Post
I think both sides have ups and downs.
I personally stopped playing league tennis, not because of the guys on the other side of the net, but for the guys on my side of the net.

I just cant get competitive spirits going when playing tennis, I dont want to talk strategy, and I dont want to single out the weaker player.
I want everyone to enjoy the game.

With that attitude I quickly came to realize that most of the guys on teams don't agree and want to win.
So in order to be fair to them I stopped playing league and became a sparring partner for the team. They call me up on every practice but I dont need to play the matches.

Works for both.

Being ultra competitive is not a bad thing as its made out to be many times, and neither is being not competitive at all.
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