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Originally Posted by SLD76 View Post
No offense to Senti and Tushar....what isnt corrupt in India?

Police and political system is broken.

One party has taken to giving women box cutters and red pepper powder to fend off sexual assaults because women arent safe walking the streets.

Is anyone really shocked at this?

As a woman, I dont care if you gave me the Taj Mahal, you couldnt pay me to visit India.

Again, no offense to Sentinel and Tushar.
I understand your feelings. Situation is bad, but not ALL OVER India. Its kind of weird, in some places situation is horrible, where as in some other, its quite safe. Coming to the political system, its really corrupt, taking advantage of things like caste/religion etc for vote banks and all that. But the problems are totally expected when there is 18% of the world population in only 2-3% land area. And no doubt, India is Poor . That being said, you won't be able appreciate India till u live here. There is a great deal of spirituality here.
Just my 2 cents.
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