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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
That's why American citizens have no business looking down on other countries when it comes to crimes (there was an elementary school massacre/shooting near where I live. Should my daughter stop going to school?). The annual r-pe # in India is about 20,000 (vs 90,000 in the US). Sure, it's not clear how many go unreported in either country and in India the stats are slightly on the rise (22,000) while they are declining in the US (down to about 85, 000), still, looking at those numbers, I don't think Americans should feel in a strong position to condescend to other nations. I guess it's a natural human reflex to believe one's own country is superior or better in many ways but every country has their problems and their "claim to shame".
So true.India is a country with low levels of literacy so if a women is harassed she literally has no where to go,as she is unaware of her rights and laws.Where in US nearly every one is literate but being a rich country (per capita income is way higher than india) there is a deep sense of arrogance amongst(specially males) them which translates into so many rapes and other crimes.They can take drugs,booze,get unlimited access to porn and what not.
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