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I don't know about that.

Canadian was just toweling off. It wasn't like he was taking a formal break, since he wasn't sitting down and eating/drinking.

If someone is sweating and wants to towel off, who am I to tell them that they can't do so? I'm OK with an opponent toweling off after a point within a game and would not say anything to them about it.

Personally, I would not walk out on a match, as I'm already there to play. But I would ignore the offending player and any comments or actions directed my way.

Life's too short to spend worrying about what people like that say, think, or do....

Originally Posted by spot View Post
To be honest it sounds like you were the one who was unreasonable here. It sounds like you let his reputation cloud what was pretty reasonable behavior into making you act like a middle schooler so you called him a name then took your ball and went home.

Him telling you that you have only played 2 games and that it isn't a changeover is reasonable. Maybe his attitude was far more confrontational than you wrote but just him saying "this is no time for a break" is reasonable. Him asking to see marks on clay is reasonable and entirely within the rules. Him not being in ready position when you wanted to serve is reasonable.

There are a ton of things that he could have done that I think would make it perfectly legitimate for you to walk off- but you didn't mention those in this story.
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