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Every team needs to find its balance. For men's we have 3 teams and they are all on different scales of the competitive/social scale.

The first team is totally cut throat- the guys are there to win and so they add whoever they can to improve the roster. The lineups are done entirely with team goals in mind. We let anyone play on that team that would like to but you are not guaranteed any playtime.

The lowest team is far more balanced. Everyone will play 3 of the 7 weeks if they have good availability (though if you only make yourself available 3 times you should not expect to play all 3) But in the biggest weeks and in playoffs the team will play the best players. This is a good balance because people don't get pigeonholed and they can stretch to play a line higher than they otherwise might. We keep the roster on this team a bit smaller to make sure that everyone gets a lot of playtime.

There is one guy on the team who we have forbidden to become captain because he wants what we call the 'utopian' team. He wants everyone on the roster to play the same amount without regard to skill or to the opposition. He wants to play to improve and simply doesn't want the pressure of winning or losing to interfere with that. It BOTHERS him that the best players on the other teams will play every week they are available. But once again- the reason I wake up early to drive 45 minutes to play is that I care about team goals. If the team goals weren't there then I would just wake up at my normal time and go play a pickup match. This guy is being squeezed down the lineup a bit so we will see how long he remains happy on the team.
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