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Originally Posted by Dark Magician View Post
Dont bring Japan. Its a big exception. A country BOMBED by US. Yet within few decades it their as the most advanced nation. A tsunami brings destruction but still they come back strong.
And what i meant was for having 18% population, u need RESOURCES, india doesnt have them ENOUGH, or far from enough.
Originally Posted by Dark Magician View Post
Agree. the bolded statement is the symptom of poverty. Too much development is needed.
Yes,we are poor,I am not denying that.Another logic fail.We have abundant resources.We are short of petroleum,but that's it.But then again countries who are rich in resources such as Saudi-Arabia and Russia ain't doing that that great.RESOURCES AND POVERTY AIN'T RELATED.Hiding behind it and making excuses won't change the fact that here politicians are ****ing corrupt
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