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Originally Posted by reaper View Post
The age distribution of winners in the opening post would imply that that we're likely to see some new winners in the next couple of years as Murray and Djokovic turn 26/27, and Nadal turns 27/28. The problem is when you see the players in the 21-24 age group who should be taking over you relaise that's not going to happen. Harrison, Raonic, Dologopolov, Nishikori, Dimitriov: They haven't even been able to overtake Ferrer, Berdytch and Tsonga, so they're definitely not going to be dominating Grand Slams in the next 18 months. Del Potro might win one but won't dominate. It all looks good for Tomic who might inherit a weakening Djokovic/Nadal/Murray era when he's about 22.
it's a good point. however one of the big takeaways from these charts is to expect substantial improvements between ages 20 and 24. so while it may be the case no one rises to challenge D/N/M we could also be in for a few surprises in the next couple of years!
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