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Originally Posted by spot View Post
omega- I think its reasonable for him to go towel off. I also think its reasonable for the opponent to say that it wasn't a changeover. It doesn't bother me if people grab a quick drink between games but I can understand why someone would say something. If they got into an argument about him toweling off then its a different matter- simply saying that "this isn't time for a break" doesnt' get anywhere near the line where it is reasonable to quit the match.
I see where you're coming from. For me, I thought the other person was being a bit anal by mentioning that it wasn't a change over, even if he was being reasonable. All Canadian wanted to do was towel off his sweat.

While they didn't get into an argument per se, the other player seemed to want to start one in effect by saying what he did to Canadian. My thoughts again are along the lines of "allowing an opponent to towel off his sweat or get a drink" isn't that much of a big deal to mention to my opponent.

But I admit, I'm pretty easy going when it comes to little things like this. I figure there are bigger issues to stress over during a match. If I beat my opponent, I want it to be by through my skill, not by denying my opponent little niceties like toweling off or getting a drink.
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