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Originally Posted by spot View Post
Hell yes I will make fun of a teammate for wearing long pants on a 95 degree day. (We actually do have a guy on the team who does this because he doesn't think he looks good in shorts) And I will be shouting "suns out, guns out!" if they are wearing a sleeveless shirt. This is just part of the team dynamic we have and people are still going to go out afterwards for drinks to laugh about it all.
I have a friend who always wears long pants and a long sleeve sweatshirt, even if it's 100 degrees in summer. He needs to limit the amount of skin exposed to the sun due to a medical condition - so not something it would be cool to make fun of.

And as it relates to the OP, you can't really know why an opponent is wearing warm-ups or whatever, so no reason to take insult or issue with that.
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