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I don't blame you for walking out on behavior like that. Your opponent wasn't exactly acting in the best spirits of the game, even if it can be argued that what he did wasn't entirely unreasonable under the guise of gamesmanship.

I think I would have continued playing the match if I were in your position, only if to see if I could beat my opponent and "stuff" my victory in his face. However, I would not have bothered to engage him in friendly conversation or bother playing a friendly non-league tennis match on our own.

To be honest, sometimes players simply don't know any better. I've corrected some fellow golfers' behaviors on many occasions, with most thanking me because they didn't realize that what they were doing or saying would be regarded as offensive.

However, I don't think that was the case with your opponent in question.

I saw a USTA regional tournament last week where 2 girls that were 11 or 12 years old playing in a singles match where questioning just about EVERY call that their opponents made. A referee had to be called in to stop the girls from bickering with each other over every point.

It's a little sad when children learn at an early age to be so antagonistic towards their opponents.

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Do you have a reading comprehension problem?

1.) He told me that it was "no time for a break" when I was towelling for maybe 10 seconds after two games that lasted 25 minutes in the blistering sun. Maybe that's your definition of reasonable behaviour, but not mine.

2.) He turned his back towards me on purpose just when I was about to serve. It was an obvious mental ploy and not because he wasn't ready.

3.) He didn't ask to see marks against me, but he does it all the times with others. He's the only player I can think of who does it so regularly like there's a grand conspiracy in the city to cheat him; he makes bad calls himself all the time. He was banned from re-joining our Sunday league, so he's definitely a problem. Everyone in the city knows about him and his reputation is pretty bad.

At any rate, if you have no issues with his behaviour it's probably because there's a similarity, in that case I'm really happy I don't have to play people like you. Life's too short.

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