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Originally Posted by rkelley View Post
I can't pull the racquet up in the couple of hundred milliseconds that I have to hit the ball, plus I want my volley to skid and bounce low, not sit up.
yea, this is logical. I think most hit volleys with a slightly open racket face and maybe a slight downward motion for underspin. This fits well with a conti grip. For topspin equivalent, you would have to use a slightly closed racket face and slightly upward motion for topspin. Seems like it would be too risky as open face helps lift ball over net while close face would push ball down toward net. Also, some volleys are just reflexes and you want the racket open for lift and underspin. I can not realistically see hitting a topspin reflex volley. Finally, having to sort out which type of volley do I want to hit - top or under - at the net seems overwhelming since you basically don't have any time to think in most cases.

And, as you mentioned, I would rather have a low skidding bounce rather than a higher topspin bounce on my volley.
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