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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
I'm glad to see you coming around to my long-held belief that mixed is just not good tennis, given the way USTA encourages players of such varying skill levels to play together in a competitive setting.

I don't see how it would be fun from the guy's perspective either, for a 4.5 guy playing with a 3.5 woman.
On the contrary.

I don't know if I have mentioned it here, but I have decided that 2013 shall be "The Year Cindy Finally Learns To Win At Mixed."

I am sick and tired of how poorly I do in 8.0 mixed. I am lucky to get 1-2 wins a year in mixed. Meanwhile, women who I think are only slightly stronger than me do just fine. I had considered quitting mixed entirely, but I have decided instead to rise to the challenge.

I am taking private lessons now with the sole goal of becoming stronger at 8.0 mixed. I asked my pro what we need to do to make that happen. He said I have two problems (well, I have a lot of problems, but two stand out concerning mixed).

First, I panic when the pace picks up. He rallies with me from the baseline, increasing the pace on each of his shots until I crumble. Then we work on how I can absorb the pace rather than freaking out.

Second, he is teaching me to block back serves with conti grip (I normally set up to receive with a SW on the FH and whatever grip I am supposed to have for 2HBH). So now I can keep a death grip on the racket throat, turn shoulders and move the racket forward into the ball about 8 inches.

The result has been a 2-0 start in 8.0 mixed this year.

The, uh, fact that I have a snazzy new 4.0 partner who mops up for me at net when I am serving doesn't hurt a bit.

Mixed can be good tennis, but I need to learn to play better for that to happen.
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