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Originally Posted by BirdWalkR View Post
Thanks for the advice guys. I guess maybe I'm just trying to find a general sytle that suits me. I feel like I'm not hitting anywhere near my full playing potential at the moment and I know it's a mental block of some sort. During warm ups or practice hitting I find it remarkably easy to hit spin pace and decent control. But during a match my whole body just slows down and I lose confidence in my strokes and just dont hit nearly as well. My thought was maybe if I had something simple to remember it would keep me from feeling so lost on the court sometimes. Heres a vid of some groundstrokes if that helps determine exactly what I need to do
Well you seem to be a natural athlete, so there is no obstacle to you taking your tennis as far as you would like to. The real question is how important to you is winning tennis matches? Getting a serve, a BH and some volleys would be the next step if you really want to advance your game. (That and finding a court with 20% fewer lines yours does). Your "strategy" is currently much, much less important than your ability to perform the strokes. Just concentrate on getting the ball in the court.
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