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I tend to agree - yet bookies have him as solid 3rd favourite.
Well I cant imagine anyone not named Nadal or Djokovic winning the French anytime until 2017 atleast (well atleast not this year, I shouldnt project too far ahead as someone might improve alot be that Murray or someone else, some new clay demon might emerge, or Nadal or Djokovic might both get injured some year) so who they have as 3rd favorite is pretty much a moot point for me. I said the same thing when some **** justified all the Federer votes for winning RG this year by calling him 3rd favorite. Who is 3rd favorite really doesnt matter at that event, as the first two are chasms ahead of everyone else, as long as Nadal still has a pulse and plays that is.

In the event Nadal doesnt play then the other guys can hope for some choke or freak loss for Djokovic, in which case it becomes the most wide open RG in decades, and atleast a half dozen men, Murray included, could win it then. Djokovic would be the 95% likely winner with Nadal out somewhow, but would also be in a pressure filled spot, as it would be so far his tournament to lose with Nadal out, which is a tough position to be in for a player at an event they havent won yet.

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