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I played baseball and football until my early teen years when I became a "hippie" and didn't play any sports. My high school did not even have tennis courts back in the early 70s. In the mid 70s, I took up tennis and was competitive from the start. I wanted to win. I had a friend who also played the other more traditional sports and he was learning too. I cannot even recall the guys name as we only played after school in college. But, we were both reasonably good athletes and competed hard, and we had very good matches because we were evenly matched.

I fell in love with the game and started playing 6 or 7 times a week almost instantly.

I think tennis is a great way to keep fit and even adult beginners can get lots of physical benefit if they take a few lessons. Especially, if you have played other sports in your youth. I see a dad hitting with his son on some of the local courts. I can tell the dad was a good athlete but new to tennis. He is learning quickly and the son about 6-7 years old is really improving. The son takes lessons from a very good local female pro. I could see these 2 having some great father son battles in a couple of years.

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