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Originally Posted by Sundan View Post
Hi,i was comparing racquets with the zone tool,the power zones results are a bit odd, it shows the Blade 93 2013 has bigger zone than the Blade 104 2013,can that be correct ?

Maybe the power zone is not same as sweetspot ?
If not, how do i use the tool to see wich one has bigger sweetspot ?

I am looking for an alternative racquet atm, its supposed to be softer than the 93 and preferably have a bigger sweetspot just to reduce the offcenter hits.

I was thinking of the 104 since it has a flex of 60,but if the sweetspot is smaller i would have more hits outside the sweetspot instead.

Thanks in advance !
The reason the smaller racquet has a larger sweet zone is because it weighs so much more and the swingweight is larger. It all comes down to distribution of mass, not surface area. The larger frame has a higher twistweight (stability against twisting in your hand) because it is wider, but that is not enough to make up for its lack of mass.

Perhaps the most intuitive way to visualize this is by going the hittingweight tool: You can see that the "effective weight" at each location is more for the 93 than the 104, so the hit is sweeter.
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