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Looks better. good job. weight transfer is better. contact point looks good now. I'd still move that grip down a touch but that's a big change so I don't expect you to change that anytime soon. follow through looks perfect. stance could be a touch more open on some shots but still looks better. good swing. Does the spin characteristics of the shots look any different than before? I'm guessing it probably does.

I think you have to work more on the takeback still. maybe a little more compact and get more ptd doing. that will make the shot better guaranteed. You have some lag now i can see. That's good. could be a touch more though.

Also, stroke 2 and 3 seem to me to be pretty similar, but the second shot would have sailed long. Can you tell me what you think the differences are that would have contributed to this are? I can see these:
-elbow is slightly more bent during the follow through on the 3rd stroke
-ball is lower at contact on the 3rd
-swing path is more linear on the 3rd
it looks like second stroke had a slightly better contact point. you were meeting it with some across action which gives more spin and margin. 3rd looked more linear and contact point was closer so it had more straight through on it towards the target so not enough room to get some natural spin on it like on the 2nd. also for the 2nd you were hitting while your body was rising from the push off which was good. the 3rd there wasn't much push so torso was going straight thru therefore less top.

On a lot of proís bent arm swings Iím seeing that their elbows are still kept bent still after contact so their arms wrap around their body/neck really fast, where my elbow is extended as far from my chest as possible since my arm is almost straight out and pointing at the hitting wall. But then hereís Roddick and it looks like heís killing the ball, and his elbow and arm are more straight out like mine. Is this a swinging through vs. swinging up difference?

And what is Murray doing to get his arm to go from straight to bent right before contact, is he swinging literally straight up and over on the ball?
I think this is because you don't have any PTD so your arm is going to move differently than those guys after the hit. look how roddick's racquet face is pointing to the ground.

murray leads the swing w/ there elbow. the elbow stays with the torso rotation while the racquet lags behind creating the bend. this is how it should be done.
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