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It was a very hot summers day about 20 years ago. I was 12 and my brother was 10. We played tennis every day and we were fiercely competitive. He had never beaten me at tennis, but was always the better athlete in every other sport we played. This particular day over the course of a couple hours and some extremely heated tempers he finally defeated me. My pride was hurt losing to my younger brother in the sport I considered myself best at and he took the opportunity to rub it in all the way home (a mile walk). He was being quite a ******* about it. In any event, I wasn't known for controlling my temper when I was a kid. About four blocks from our house I ran up behind him and clubbed him in the back of the knee with my racquet. I told him it was because he was running his mouth. He wailed loudly and couldn't walk. My racquet actually broke in half. Immediately feeling horrible, I lifted him onto my shoulders and carried him the rest of the way home apologizing. He helped me tape my racquet back together so that I wouldn't get into trouble with our dad. When asked why I had tape on the sides of the racquet by my parents we told them it was a new shock absorption technique.
Hahaha! nice!
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