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I play mixed and see a lot of women who have this serve. Basically, flat, low and wide to AD court. In singles, the easiest play would be to step in and play a slice if it is real low, or a topspin drive if you catch it high enough.

In doubles, it is trickier with the net guy there because if it drops too low, it is more difficult to play a shot CC with pace.

But, try to be sure to get up to the ball to catch it high as possible and try to bend your knees to get down to contact level. You can either slice it CC, top it CC, hit it low and hard at the netman or up their alley, or lob over the netman.

Some of the better women can hit this low wide serve fairly crisply and fairly consistently. For me, it would be a sitter if I could drive it down the middle but it is a bit trickier playing an angle CC.
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