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Originally Posted by damazing View Post
It sounded like you had a nice match - you did well to win, because your male opponent just got bumped down from 4.5 last year and his 4.0 partner is a capable player.
Oh, really?

That is so interesting. See, the male opponent had a service return that was amazing. My partner was serving hard and high to his BH, but he hit these insane slice returns. I could tell he was a really good player. But a recent move-down? Now I feel really good about that match! (Note to male opponent: You should have picked on me more, 'cause I would have buckled with the slightest bit of pressure).

The 3.5 woman who handed out the bagel is a buddy. She keeps not getting bumped up but she doesn't mope or try to game the computer to become a 4.0. Among my 3.5 friends, she alone has the right attitude about it. She gets out there with these 4.5 dudes, smokes everyone and goes to playoffs year in year out. She figures she might as well enjoy the ride.
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