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Originally Posted by newmark401 View Post
First of all, the pre-existing template for Tony Wilding's results in wikipedia was, if I'm not mistaken, created by timnz, who is a member online here at "talktennis" and who had planned to update the wikipedia entry on Tony Wilding using most of the results I posted. You can check timnz's previous posts within this very thread to verify this.

Secondly, the published sources I used are as reliable as the sources you quote in the wikipedia article, although not, perhaps, as freely available. Not having access to some of the sources I used, you used most of the results from those same sources, but without mentioning them.

Thirdly, I don't think wikipedia is a one hundred per cent reliable source and I have never posted anything on it.
I can't take the credit for Wildings wikipedia page. I have made the odd update on it over time though. I am fascinated with Wilding on a number of levels. He cuts such an interesting character, capturing the exotic nature of the time. He was the friend of kings and princes, would travel about Europe turning up at chateaus and castles, as a guest, on his motorbike having travelled for days, fixing his bike on roadsides. I don't know why someone hasn't done a movie portraying him. I, for one, are very grateful for this last round of updates...thanks very much for those responsible.
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