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Originally Posted by dannythomas View Post
My daughter currently uses a Wilson Pro Staff 6-1 100 " but she is getting continual wrist issues even though she really likes the racket. I have tried stringing it with natural gut with loose tension but it makes no difference . She has had the injury checked out and it is just inflammation no break. She has rested it a number of times but every time she hits it comes back. She hits with spin and comes to the net . Her coach doesn't think it's a technical issue with her strokes.
I m confused if she should change rackets and if so go heavier or lighter, head light or heavy and stiff or flexible. Any ideas or suggested rackets ? I believe the pro staff is about 10.7 strung.
Danny give her some time off til the wrist is not hurting then start with a light weightlifing program then slowly increase it to and intense level but keep the weights lite and this will more then likely get rid of te problem , best to you and your girl
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