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Question Need a new pair -- suggestions?

So my current pair of shoes have been in need of replacing since a few months ago, but I have no idea which direction to go in next. Was hoping some of you guys might have some suggestions.

Ever since I tried K-Swiss, I've been hooked and haven't looked back. These have been my last 2 pairs since 2001 (to the best of my memory) or so:

They've been amazingly comfortable, and decently durable, for my 4.0 - 4.5 hard court game. However, when I went into my local tennis shop to check out the latest K-Swiss offerings last October, I wasn't at all impressed by the newer K-Swiss models at the time.

Since I've been wearing K-Swiss the last few years, my knowledge and familiarity of other brands is minimal. Back in the late 90s, I wore Wilson and Nike, but those tended to wear out pretty quickly. Obviously build quality/technology has changed since then, so I'm curious to know what you would recommend.

Thanks in advance!
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