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As I see it, the two-handed return can be a very useful addition to the toolbox of any player who generally hits a one-handed backhand.

I rebuilt my ground game several years ago, including a one-handed backhand, but couldn't return hotter serves with anything more than a blocked slice. Against a slower serve, I usually have time to quickly set and fire a one-hander just fine, but the two-hander made perfect sense for producing an aggressive return as opponent's serves got faster. At least for me, it was a case of "why didn't I think of this sooner".

My one-hander is clearly my superior style of backhand, but it takes that extra tiny fraction of a second to set up and swing. I still block many returns of serve on my backhand wing, but some practice with the two-hander gave me the stronger option I had needed for a while. I also like the two-hander when I need to fight off a fast ball that gets in deep near my feet.

Since I also have a very reliable slice, I've been surprised that I haven't gotten too mixed up with all the backhand options to choose from out there. My one-hander is my default stroke though, and if I have to hit a different style of backhand, I usually know it right away. Get confident with every option and you ought to be able to use whatever you need from one shot to the next.
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