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I went to the Vanderbilt/Middle Tennessee State match last week and watched a lot of the Rhys Johnson/Christoph Lang match at #3 singles. Johnson has an odd way of hitting his forehand in that he completely rolls the racket behind his body then whips it back around. When he timed it right it had some good pop unfortunately for him his timing was off most of the match and he kept hitting it late and putting ball after ball into the net. He's got a solid 2 handed backhand and all the tools to be good but he's got some confidence issues right now. I saw him double fault at least 7 or 8 times and he was rarely putting 1st serves in. Spent most of the match mumbling to himself. Lang basically just kept the ball in play and let Johnson hit one unforced error after another. He beat UGA's Hernus Pieters the previous week so he is capable of playing in the 3 spot.

Gonzales (AJ) Austin - real solid all around game. Good lefty serve, nice forehand, nice 2 handed backhand, good at the net. Stays really composed and doesn't get too rattled. Gave MTSU's #1 Ben Davis a pretty solid beating.

MTSU's #1 doubles team was 6'8" Yannick Born and 6'5" Marlon Brand but they didn't utilize their height and hug the net as much as you'd think they would and got beat 8-4. Born played #4 singles and won several easy points on his serve but wasn't the quickest mover and Vandy's Offerdahl just kept moving him around the court and eventually would catch Born out of position.
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