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yes, average Joe/Suzy walks into store and picks up the largest head size and lightest racket thinking they just got some advantage. Its been sitting in the store strung with cheapest syn gut available for months. It like is an uncontrollable boozaka unless they re-string it at 75 lbs to try to control it.

I hate that manufacturers seem to be also going lower and lower in stock SW. Why does the wilson blx prostaff 95 have a stock SW of 305? SW around 320-330 would have been more appropriate. Same with some recent dunlops why did bio 300's go under 310 in stock SW. The new F3.0 and M3.0 went back up.

I think the new dunlop m3.0 has good specs for a beginner and can be used all the way up to pro level if you customize it a bit - 11 oz, 318 SW, flex 66, 16x19 pattern, 2HL (I would prefer 4 HL), and 98" head. Even an early teen could handle this racket quite comfortably.

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