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When the match ups are right I love, love, love 8.0 mixed.

If we are playing a 4.0/4.0 combo I get to be the big dog on the court. The match is almost totally in my control. If I am playing well the only way they can attack my partner is from defensive positions and that gives her the advantage she needs. If I am playing poorly, she gets hammered.

Unfortunately, to often blowouts happen.

I am a low 4.5, but usually this is more than enough to handle all but the best 4.0 combos. However, when I play a real 4.5 ... someone that knows what they are doing I am totally cooked.

SO begrudgingly, I think I agree with you here Cindy ... and I would not go home crying if I had to give it up. To be honest, most players that make the 4.5 level play enough as it is ...
"You should be playing linebacker, not singles."
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