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That may be true for AA-3 but this was a A-4 and some run of the mill guy serving but was hitting his spots at times. My main focus was though where she should be and where she should be facing when I'm returning.

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One of our mixed teams is currently first place at AA-3 and all the upper line guys played in college. I'll tell you that I simply don't think that there is anything that a girl can do against their first serves unless she played in college herself. There is just too much pace and spin- it isn't a matter of positioning. There is too big of a difference when someone faces women's serves most of the year to facing a former college guy's serves for a few weeks.

I think that women pretty much have to guess and hope they guess right. But even then there are going to be games where they don't end up touching the ball when returning and that is just part of what they have to accept playing mixed.
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