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Hi chollyred,
Thank you for the link and information. I appreciate it.

I just moved to Atlanta about 2.5 weeks ago. I'm just north of Buckhead near Brookhaven (north Atlanta city) until I got here. Still learning my way around Atlanta and I still have to Google Maps just about every place around here.

I didn't realize that Atlanta was such a tennis friendly town (I think there are 2 tennis leagues here: ATLA and USTA?). That's why I decided to pick up tennis again.

That and I've found it harder as I've gotten older to devote 4+ hours playing golf on the weekends. It's much simpler to spend 2 hours or so playing tennis instead.

I'm looking forward to meeting others in Atlanta while having fun playing some quality tennis.
ALTA is huge in Atlanta about 80,000+ members. In your area, try Bitsy Grant Tennis Center - they also run round robins 24 courts about 1/2 clay and 1/2 hard. Also, Chastain Park has about 20+ hardcourts, and Blackburn Tennis Center has about 20+ hardcourts. These are all 10 minutes from your house and may be able to hook you up with teams. All will have USTA and ALTA teams. All are public facilities in very nice shape and very low court fees. Bitsy Grant is an institution named after the Atlantan player Bitsy Grant who played in the 30s?. It is cool - picture of old players in blacknWhite in the clubhouse, recently remodeled, a covered veranda with rocking chairs so you can watch the clay matches, lockers/showers, and a memorial wall with brass plagues for all the old guys/gals no longer with us. Coach Bobby Dodd (GaTech football) and journalist Atlanta Journal/author Lewis Grizzard are on the memorial wall and a slew of others.

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