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Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
That may be true for AA-3 but this was a A-4 and some run of the mill guy serving but was hitting his spots at times. My main focus was though where she should be and where she should be facing when I'm returning.
Even at A4 in most matches the line 1 and 2 guys would double bagel the woman if they were to play singles. If its a lower line guy and she was getting aced wide then sure- moving up to cut off angle is probably the best bet. Though for upper line guys on a good I really don't think its going to matter and she should do what she is comfortable with. There is such a disparity in mixed between the guys and the girls. I guess I just have different expecations than you do about what the woman should be able to do when returning serve against the guy.

As far as where she should be facing it really depends on how your returns are going. If you are consistently getting picked off by the net person then she should be facing the net person or moving to 2 back. If you are hitting aggressive returns then I'd want her forward in the box and facing the server so she could be in position to attack the next ball. But for ones when you are sometimes getting picked off and sometimes not then standing in the hole and facing the net player is generally the best choice.
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