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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
The Solutions' 5 months durability is a little better, but not enough for me from a practicality standpoint. I also heard the Speed Solutions have an issue with their traction.

Looks like I'll either go with the Asics Gel Resoultion 4 (a good mix of durability, stability, and comfort) or the Prince T22 (great durability at the expense of comfort and weight). It will come down to which shoe fits my foot better, although the GR4 comes out ahead on cost effectiveness already since both shoes are the same price now.
I haven't had much issues with traction on the Speed Solutions. I would also suggest looking at the T22 Mids which I find offer more support than the standard T22s. I think you can't really go wrong with the GR4s, my only gripe is that the plastic still digs into my ankle though not everyone experience this issue.
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