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You are asking that they have say then...4.0 mixed as opposed to 8.0 combo mixed. I would have no problem with that. It would force 4.5 guys to play against 4.5 women. Some of them would be able to handle it but most would probably not. It's just a difference in men and women. I do think the women that are 4.5 tend to have a more leyton Hewitt c'mon type attitude though so it won't be as bad. I tend not to play those 8.0 mixed leagues for the same reasons you mentioned though. The tourneys I play in have 8.5 combos and not 8.0. Actually they have both so it keeps a lot of the 4.5 guys in the 8.5 but there are some that still play 8.0.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Of 8.0 mixed, that is.

Now, you 4.5 guys know I love ya, right? You're awesome. You can hit your spots, you can hit wicked slice, you can bewilder the ladies with your spins and pace, you can utterly destroy the serves of pretty much any 4.0 woman.

But OrangePower is totally right. Mixed needs to be changed so you 4.5 guys are not permitted to play 8.0 mixed.

Take last night.

Our 8.0 mixed team had a match. I played Court One with my 4.0 partner, against two 4.0s. What a great match it was! Lots of exciting points and great shots. The guys went at each other, but the ladies got in on the act. The score was 7-5, 6-4.

Ah, but it was a different story on Courts 2 and 3. We fielded to 4.0/4.0 pairs, but our opponents fielded two 4.5/3.5 pairs. Scores were 6-0, 6-0 and 6-3, 6-3.

After my match, we played for fun a bit. My 4.0 partner and I played against the 4.0 guy and the 4.5 guy who handed out the double bagel to my teammates.

It was ridiculous. Even with the 4.5 guy holding back, we stood no chance against him. He was 6'6" tall -- it was like playing Del Potro.

Come on. USTA league tennis is supposed to be competitive, and allowing 4.5 guys in 8.0 mixed defeats that goal. I know 4.0 women who simply will not play mixed anymore for fear of running up against a 4.5 guy. It isn't any fun to get aced all night.

Here's my question. If USTA made a rule change, would 4.5 guys lose out on too many playing opportunities? Does 9.0 mixed even exist most places? Do the same problems exist when 3.5 guys play 6.0 mixed and when 4.0 guys play 7.0 mixed?
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