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Originally Posted by _craze View Post
An appropriate user name for the response. lul

But maybe I didn't explain it correctly. Maybe that's not even the name of the shot because I can't describe it perfectly.

It's a volley and it's hit with topspin. It's hit in the traditional manner, so there's no full swing. You can hit topspin with any grip, and if you're good at it, you can hit a higher percentage shot than even a slice. I think margins still play a big role at the net, unless I just happen to suck, otherwise people would flatten-out all of their volleys.

Think a blocked ball at the net, going forwards and with a fast, upwards motion. Mostly brushing.
well you are most likely not facing 70+ mph passing shots like the pros do. reaction time is a big issue and even if you have no real take back you still at least have to get the racket to your side and then reverse the direction.

A normal volley basically can be punched directly from the chest with no reverse in direction. It is just a shorter swing. in Baseball you also want to Keep the swing compact and swing directly to the ball because the time is so short.
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