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Originally Posted by Djokodal Fan View Post
Murray calls for more doping test - "oh he is guilty, that's why he calls for more"

Federer calls for more doping test - "Greatest champion to set foot on mother earth, clean as a newly washed carpet"

Good logic by Pederer fans.

Someone won 17 slams and raked up 10 majors in 3 years without getting caught. The true pioneer of of doping in tennis!
Federer has consistently been in favor of more testing and has never complained about it. Murray OTOH has complained about it often in the past.

For what it's worth, I do think Murray is clean, and his complaints stemmed more from his actual annoyance with the procedure than an attempt to hide PEDs. However, his change of heart (at least publicly) is undeniable, unless your grasp of English is so poor you cannot understand what he actually said in those interviews.
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