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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Yeah, that is not height you see very often at the low end of league play. Or much of anywhere outside of the friggin' NBA.

Here's the sad thing. When we were playing for fun and it was his turn to serve, he said, "OK, Cindy. How would you like me to serve to you?"

I said, "I want all the spin you've got. Make me look like a clown!"

So. I stink at returning spin serves, but the one thing I know is you have to catch it on the rise. Since it was social, I figured he wouldn't try to put my eye out with a body serve, and besides, we had a deal he would hit spin serves. When he tossed, I sprinted toward the service line and flung myself in the general direction of the ball.

As luck would have it, I returned each of his serves in this clumsy, sad, pathetic fashion. When we had game point on him, he said something like, "OK, time to get serious." He was kidding, but he did add even more spin to his next serve. I sprinted forward again, stuck my butt out, closed my eyes, and swatted at it. It went over. He returned it back to me at about 15% of the pace he could generate if he wanted. I bunted it back to him. He kept lifting the ball up directly to my racket, and finally we won the point and "broke" him.

He should have charged me for his time. 'Cause we weren't "playing." He was "teaching."

Don't get me wrong. He was a delight. He just is way too good for 8.0 mixed.
Isn't running when he is tossing a hindrance?
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