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Originally Posted by 1980 View Post
Wow, thanks for the great examples. I hadn't really given any thought to the heelpad (had to look up the term), but it appears as though I was using the 'old guy' method. Now that I move it back more towards bevel 8/7 I am noticing that my racquet face is naturally slightly closed whereas before it seemed like I was supposed to arbitrarily close it on contact.
Recent threads have inspired me to focus on the heelpad as well-- looks like I was using the old guy method as well, because a purposefully "mountain bikey" grip feels quite different to me.

preliminary results:

-I net more balls
-I'm less apt to hit long
-noticeable increase in topspin
-low balls are a challenge- really have to bend the knees to get them

Overall it seems like a good change to incorporate, but I've just been drop-feeding so far-- looking forward to trying it out in a rally.
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