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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Bozo wonders if Nadal was really missed. LOL did he think that the AO had good men's tennis when a 31 year old man is able to reach the semifinals and the only two viable players right from the start were Murray and Djokovic?

Bozo has still not gotten over the way he was humiliated and had to beg for an interview with the Nadal camp after writing a worthless piece of sh*t. He is the classical old Fed fart still living in the past and unable to accept a superior player when he comes along.
You mean Nadal is better than Bodo?

Well Bodo did accuse Nadal of juicing then discovered that airing these opinions may his income in the future. So he promptly back-tracked and nary a peep out of him these days about PEDS in tennis.
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