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Originally Posted by nat75 View Post
Don't know where this mith of Sabatini's trokes being weak came from. Her shots were so heavy and it was like bricks coming to you. Chris Evert said she practiced with men to recreate the heaviness of her shots.
I remember Evert saying something a bit different. She said she could not find anyone to practice with to prepare for Sabatini, "no one hits the ball like Gabby" She also said it was very tiring to play against her because the heavy ball tended to drive you further back in long rallies and she could roll that top for short angles to make you run foreward and wide." Evert hated that flat backhand DTL. It was a huge weapon for Sabatini vs Graf in their rivalry as well.

Which brings me to a surprise entry. Steffi Graf rarely used her one hander either flat or top, but when she hit it, it had incredible power. She was a tall girl and that arm was so strong that when she flung it through a one handed topspin pass or groundie, it was downright scary. Don't ask me why she let it slide out of her game, as S/vers drifted out. Nothing wrong with it at all!

With those honorable mentions aside, Henin and Goolagong for their respective eras most impressed me

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