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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
It hasn't been great for me, honestly.

The league decided to have 40+ take the place of seniors for the January-April season. Seniors was three courts; 40+ requires five.

Trouble is, it is freezing outside. It is not possible to find indoor space at this time of year, especially if you need five courts. The need for five courts means that several conveniently-located facilities cannot be used at all because they have 3-4 courts.

The result is that *all* of our matches for our 40+ team begin at 9 pm on weeknights. Worse, the locations are quite far away. This makes life very difficult for the working women, as it is no fun to arrive home at 11:30 and have to get up the next morning. I have heard of a few women dropping off of their teams for precisely this reason.

Rather than have this new league structure, I think USTA should have kept seniors exactly as it was (or lower the age limit -- who cares?). It should have introduced a new seniors singles league of three courts.

Singles players would get to play against those of their age, while the need for five courts would be eliminated.
I am the league coordinator in a rural district. Seniors was my best league for turnout. Now, I could not even find two teams to play 40+ at this time of year. It is cold, wet, snowing and we don't have enough courts for a court league this time of year. Doesn't work for me.
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