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Originally Posted by IA-SteveB View Post
How a poop break can get to four pages is beyond me.
I sure understand why people are chiming in. I wish I didn't, but play tournaments long enough, and you'll eventually realize why you might need to enforce "the crap" (heh) out of the bathroom rule.

I've been left like an idiot, sitting on a bench on the court in the direct sun on a hot day with no shade, for well over 20 minutes, getting up and pacing every now and then, wondering where my opponent was, after telling my opponent "sure, of course, feel free" to leave the court. My brother later told me he went to the bathroom and saw my opponent at the sink, slowly having a cool down, rubbing water in his hair, taking deep breaths.

That was my first tournament, and man was I the naive newbie who get played by a skilled gamer. It was a close one, and of course I can't say for sure if it's what cost me the match, but my opponent completely controlled the pace of the match through repeated violations of the time rules, water breaks that take over a minute at 30-40, and extensive bathroom breaks.

I still always give my opponent the benefit of the doubt. No way would I complain about a 7 minute bathroom break between sets. But if I meet this dude again in a tournament, I'll definitely be reviewing how long a bathroom break can be in advance and notifying an official to start the clock ever time he leaves the court.

Just the way it goes in tournament tennis, every now and then, you get someone who clearly demonstrates why we need these rules.
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