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Originally Posted by Topspin Shot View Post
Three reasons:
1. Topspin can't be hit with a blocking motion. When you're on top of the net, there is no time for a full swing.
2. To generate topspin, you have to have separate grips for the forehand and backhand. There isn't enough time to change grips at the net.
3. When you're closer to the net, you have more margin for error (think court geometry). You don't need topspin to keep the ball in the court.

technically, not true. without changing grips, a semi western forehand = semi western backhand.

it isn't ideal on a volley, but it can be done. also, dimitrov hits with a continental hybrid backhand for his top spin drives. gasquet hits with a continental forehand for his top spin drives. again, it may not be ideal for volleying, but it can be done.

i also disagree with your first reason, if you have time to put underspin/ backspin on a ball, you have time to put some top spin on a ball. not a full stroke, obviously, but as much as you would with underspin. however, Top spin isn't very ideal at all for volleys, i agree with that.

you could have said that the ball sits up with top spin, and the whole reason your up at net is to take time away from the opponent.
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