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I have a feeling her racket is not the major cause for her wrist pain. She might have a weak wrist and would need to strengthen her wrist with tubes or weights. Or her mechanics is not completely ideal. You may want to have another coach look at her mechanics when she volleys.

My son was complaining about pain in his wrist when he volleyed last summer. No wrist pain when he did everything else on the court. His coaches never said anything about his volley mechanics for years! So, I started my own investigation. This was what I found - when he volleyed, his racket and his forearm was forming an angle around 150 degrees. When I looked at pros in slow motion, the angle between the racket and forearm is usually maintained and it is rarely over 120 degrees. The wrist would be less stressed when volleying heavy passing shots if the racket is held more naturally. After he corrected the mechanics, his wrist paint disappeared and moreover, he could hit volley with more control and penetration. BTW quick feet, proper court positioning, and good anticipation would also minimize the situations that one has to stretch out to volley passing shots when the wrist is mostly stressed. Just hope it helps
Agreed. Her issue is more poor footwork than technique. It's pretty clear that when she is lazy with footwork in practice she can be late with her strokes. Don't really know a quick fix answer , her coach gives her movement drills every day . So all we can do is keep her working on that and give her the best racquet protection we can and keep her doing strength training for her wrist and the rest of her body.
The issue is a little different from your son because it was at first pain on forehand, serve , forehand volleys and overheads. Now it is down to forehand volleys only so it's clearly getting better. But I agree that a combination of sloppy footwork and growing too quickly without enough strength training may be more responsible than the racquet. But if she plays with a racquet that is too light for her that doesn't help and the grip size was too small for her.
We have rectified the racquet side so now its up to her to work on her feet !
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