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Originally Posted by greystar403 View Post
My English class is writing essays based on real world issues. I chose to do an essay about gender equality in sports because I see the topic of different prize money values to men and women in tennis all the time in these forums.

I know this might be an issue only found in tennis, but I would like to find out if there is any inequality in other sports as well. Things that can be equal/unequal pay, endorsements, media exposure, and performance based issues.

As of right now, this might be a big controversial issue so I am not choosing a side yet (women should compete equally as men OR women need special conditions in order to compete alongside men). I would like to see how much information I get before I choose a side.

I would like to use credible sources I can take quotes from. Interviews and press conferences would be nice too. This doesn't have to be just TENNIS. ANY sport is welcome to put their input here.

In terms of gender equality, some sports which are more female centered or I should say women athletes get more attention tend to be mocked by the media when male athletes compete in them. Female figure skaters get more respect than male figure skaters. Even though men's figure skating is technically more difficult since more men need to do a quad jump in order to be taken seriously by the judges. The hardest jump the women do is a triple lutz. Although Miki Ando I think and another Japanese female skater can do a triple axel.

For instance, there are certain sports that the sports media consider "soft" for men due to the heterosexism and the homophobia of male sports journalists. For instance, men's figure skating and men's diving gets classified as "gay" because they aren't viewed as masculine sports. Men's diving gets a lot of flack because the male divers have to shave their bodies and also wear extremely tight speedos. Not that there is anything wrong with that though

I remember watching the Olympics last year and let me tell you the male divers are probably the most gorgeous, and handsome men at the Olympic games. These guys are extremely fit, got great abs, muscles, and are just amazing athletes and really hot too!!!

Male divers are often thought of as gay even though I am sure plenty of them are straight. Diving is actually a very difficult sport which requires a lot of core strength, leg strength to be able to do the twists and tricks.

I think you can look at figure skating, not in terms of money but in terms of double standards in relation to how they are treated in the media. Figure skating is considered a "graceful" sport yet the male figure skaters are told they have to hide their homosexuality and also appear as masculine as possible. There was a controversy at the last Olympics in Vancouver a few years ago when the American Johnny Weir an openly gay skater got sixth place instead of ending up on the podium. Some skating fans say the judging at the Olympics was homophobia and the judges were punishing Johnny Weir because he is very flamboyant and he doesn't hide his queerness.

Maybe you can also look at the LPGA the women golfers make less money than the male golfers. Also, there was an issue a few years ago about a transgender female a person who transitioned from male to female who wanted to compete on the women's tour. However, the LPGA had a policy that only people biologically born female are allowed to compete on the women's tour. I heard the LPGA has since changed the policy and I think transgender people can compete in women's golf.

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