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Originally Posted by dannythomas View Post
Wow ! I just tried out a Head Microgel Radical MP myself and on EVERY shot there was excess vibration and some pain in the wrist. And I dont even have wrist problems. There is no way I can let my daughter play with it right now . It may be great for tennis elbow and other arm problems but for a wrist problem ... I dont think so .
Anyway she had a clear MRI scan so she is starting to get used to the Aeropro French Open and says it feels better though she still has some pain on impact with forehand volleys. She did until less than a year ago play with the Areopro Team and before that the aeropro lite and she never used to have wrist problems so I guess this racquet is a natural progression for her . The physical therapist says the volley issue will soon disappear as everything else has. If it doesnt then she will have to rest it again ... Fitness only until it is 100 %
For now we have strung it with Klip Legend and Hurricane 17 loose at 52. If the racquet is lacking in control for her we can do a higher tension once her wrist is 100 %.
PT i hope we are on the right track ?
what grip size ? is it for you or for her? cut out string and try gosen 18 at 40lbs, heck just buy a PT630 in the mean time, try kinesio tape around her wrist also do light strength by squeezing beanbag or putty/clay, gyro/power ball, adjustable foam clamp, gristick etc....
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