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Originally Posted by Veninga View Post
Thanks. I have looked at the Organix 8. Did you play this one? And how is it vs APD and Steam? Same amount of power and spin? Probably yes, but what about control? APDGT gave me all the control needed, but the string pattern is not that big. I guess the X8 is much more open (16*1? Thanks.
I have hit with the Organix 8, I like it! It's much more maneuverable than both the Steam 99S and the APD. I also suggest looking at the Volkl Organix V1 Midplus. I used that racquet for a few months after adding some lead tape to it.

When it comes to spin, the Steam 99S has no equal. Not even the APD can match it, and I love the APD! I'd give a slight edge to the APD for control and power though. But very slight.

Definitely give these racquets a demo if you can. That's really the only way to tell the difference.

Jason, TW
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