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Originally Posted by isilra View Post
I don't think the result is so different. Fed has the second most average rpm on the tour after nadal. He plays more offensive and flat compared to nadal, that's the only difference between their shot. It's a matter of eastern grip vs western grip.
One of the thing the researcher noted is the difference between reality and beliefs regarding grips: a great array of different grips enable players to hit very comparable shots. It‘s actually a matter of swing path and racket tilt at impact... in essence, Federer evolved into hitting flatter than Nadal for strategic purposes (same for Nadal, but with loopier strokes). It‘s their intention and habits, not their grips, which makes the biggest difference.

There are players using semi-western grips that can‘t top Federer‘s spin production... the grip defines very little beyond the forearm to racket relationship. Both Nadal and Federer can hit the same ball; they‘re just grooved into doing some shots better than others.
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