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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
No, nobody knows more than we do here. In fact, journalists get their ideas from us.
The only journalist who told the truth about Nadal doesn't even like tennis is Lynn Barber. The tennis industry and the tennis fans attacked Lynn Barber but her essay exposed a lot about the machinery and the PR BS about Nadal. Barber's essay was so objective because she dared to ask the tough questions that most tennis journalists would NEVER ask or even dare write about a tennis champion like Nadal.

What people see about Nadal is not who he really is but his obsessive fans will never agree with this point. These people think Nadal is perfect, and he never lies, and he never spins stories to suit his own interests. These fans don't realize Nadal has a brand to sell and a product he isn't just a tennis star he's a huge international celebrity who has an image he is desperately trying to keep private and maintain.

I am not so sure, the tennis media a lot of those journalists are actually very tacky people they are "fans" of a lot of these tennis stars they don't ask the tough questions they aren't objective.

When's the last time some in the media attacked the McEnroe brothers? Patrick McEnroe is the worst example of neoptism in tennis industry ever.

Especially Patrick McEnroe he's the worst tennis commentator on USA television he has a conflict of interest because he works at the USTA. Where are the articles asking Patrick McEnroe for him to resign from the USTA?

Mary Joe Fernandez husband is Roger Federer's agent and I think she also has close ties to Maria Sharapova too. Ever watch a match with Sharapova and listen to Mary Joe Fernandez commentate? These so called commentators and journalists are not objective enough.

In order to get access to tennis stars like Nadal the media have to go through his PR machine and managers.

I think the public only sees what Nadal and his PR people want us to see. But it would take a serious journalist someone that can spot BS and call it for what it is.

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