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I'm wonder, have you every try muti string main/ poly cross. I'm thinking to put nxt 16 main/ alu rough cross ( guts is too expensive) on Wilson PS90. Can anyone suggest good string for main ( none poly)? I did try poly main/ muti cross @ 49/51 but didn't work well, too stiff. Please help. Thanks
I haven't tried multi mains/copoly cross but I have tried syngut mains/copoly cross. The syngut broke for me in less than two hours. Nylon is not very durable under tension and is easily cut. (Rock climbers know this because their nylon ropes are very tough when just lying around but are very easy to cut when under tension.) I don't see how multi would be much better as multis are just a bunch of thin nylon strands glued together with elastic glues.

The best alternative to gut/copoly I have tried is full copoly at very low tension. In a mid I string gut/copoly at 53/51 and think full copoly at 35 is a decent alternative, in terms of spin, dwell time and comfort.
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