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Originally Posted by Amelie Mauresmo View Post
The only journalist who told the truth about Nadal doesn't even like tennis therefore Lynn Barber's essay about Nadal for the London Times is more objective.

What people see about Nadal is not who he really is but his obsessive fans will never agree with this point. These people think Nadal is perfect, and he never lies, and he never spins stories to suit his own interests.

I am not so sure, the tennis media a lot of those journalists are actually very tacky people they are "fans" of a lot of these tennis stars they don't ask the tough questions.

In order to get access to tennis stars like Nadal the media have to go through his PR machine and managers.

I think the public only sees what Nadal and his PR people want us to see. But it would take a serious journalist someone that can spot BS and call it for what it is.
What it is is a knee injury. There is a lot of sponsor pressure on him to return. That is why he was always thinking of coming back earlier, but did not do so due to medical advice. He injured his knees before Wimbledon, but still played through the pain against Rosol. Then he decided to look after his health and not to bow to fan and sponsor pressure. As the GOAT, people wanted him to return because they saw how tennis standards had gone down without him. So he played along saying he will be back soon, but was forced to keep postponing due to the healing time of the injury. That is all there is to it.

It is no different from any of us who try to persuade ourselves we are OK to play tennis even when we are not feeling well.
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