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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
These folks want a USTA Behavior Czar. Next thing you know kids will be getting suspended for crying, going to the bathroom, clothing violations, spilling their water, bad hair days, body oder, runny noses, back sassing they momma, skipping school, staying out too late, speeding tickets, listening to rap music and acne.
I don't see that in anyone's posts. You're pretty much making that up. You are the one turning this upside down to make it seem like people want to punish him. Nobody said suspend him. The OP just seem to question the wisdom of rewarding someone who so recently exhibited pretty poor behavior. Participation in a camp like that should be reserved for players with exemplary behavior. Your arguments about the PPSS don't seem to apply becuase the PPSS rules specifically say a player with 10 points in 12 months shall be suspended from US Sanctioned Tournaments. As Chalk pointed out, this wasn't a tournament, it was a camp. So so much for that "logic".

I not sure I care that he was invited to the camp but it definitely doesn't really surprise me either. I just don't think not inviting him would be considered a punishment, and I can see why people are disappointing that he was getting rewarded so soon after that incident. Probably would have been his own best interests to take a break.
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